Azure IoT News – April 2022 by Think About IoT

Azure IoT News – April 2022 by Think About IoT

Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of April 2022 together.

Week 1-3/4

There wasn't any news this week.

Week 4-10/4

🔸 Support for copying tiles added to Azure IoT Central.

Leverage your existing work to quickly build new visuals by duplicating an existing tile using Copy Tile. While creating a copy, you will get the option to copy the tile to the current dashboard, an existing dashboard, or a new dashboard. After making a copy, you are free to modify the tile as per your needs.

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🔸 Support for Private Link in Azure IoT Central.

You can now create private endpoints to limit and secure device connectivity to your Azure IoT Central application with Private Link. This not only improves your security posture but also simplifies your network architecture.

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Week 11-17/4

🔸 Customize application text labels in Azure IoT Central.

With this new capability, you can replace the "Device" label in your application with your preferred text.

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🔸 Azure Sphere OS version 22.04 is now available in the Retail feed.

This release includes an upgrade to the Linux kernel (5.10.103) and bug fixes in the Azure Sphere OS, but it doesn't include an updated SDK. If your devices are connected to the internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud.

The updates that this release includes mitigate against the following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) are:

  • wolfSSL CVE-2022-25638
  • wolfSSL CVE-2022-25640
  • C-Ares CVE-2021-3672
  • Linux CVE-2022-0847 “Dirty Pipe”

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🔸 Migrate devices across templates at scale in Azure IoT Central.

This new feature in jobs will help you conveniently perform this task at scale. With this feature, you not only take advantage of moving devices from one device template to another at scale, but also take advantage of the existing jobs delivery options feature where you can stagger your migration in batches in production scenarios. In addition, you can also migrate device templates across edge devices, which will help deliver the deployment manifest to edge devices at scale.

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🔸 Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB unique index re-indexing.

This feature allows you to create unique indexes when your collection was empty and did not contain documents. This provides you with more flexibility by giving you the ability to create unique indexes whenever you want to.

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🔸 Azure Cosmos DB autoscale RU/s entry point is 4x lower.

With Azure Cosmos DB autoscale, you can now set a scale range of 100 – 1000 RU/s.

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Week 18-24/4

There wasn't any news this week.

Week 25-30/4

🔸 Azure Functions now supports PowerShell 7.2.

This feature enables developing and deploying Azure Functions Apps for production scenarios using the latest version of PowerShell.

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🔸 Unique partial indexes in Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB are now in general availability.

This feature allows you more flexibility to specify exactly which fields in which documents you’d like to index, all while enforcing the uniqueness of that field’s value.

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🔸 Visualize your Azure Cosmos DB data in near real-time, seamlessly using the integrated Power BI experience in the Azure Cosmos DB portal.

Azure Synapse Link allows you to build Power BI reports and dashboards with no performance or cost impact on your transactional workloads or ETL pipelines.

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🔸 Azure Synapse Link now supports existing Azure Cosmos DB containers.

Enable Azure Synapse Link for your existing Azure Cosmos DB containers to trigger the initial sync of the data from the transactional store to the analytical store. There is no cost or performance impact on your transactional workloads to use this feature from the Azure Portal, Azure Cosmos DB SDKs, Azure CLI, or PowerShell.

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🔸 Azure Functions Linux Elastic Premium plan increased maximum scale-out limits.

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🔸 Azure Machine Learning Reinforcement Learning preview will be retired on 30 June 2022.

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